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I work in Computer industry. I design, host and support Syndicated Web Hosting Solutions. ie. Website that creates presence throughout the internet in South Africa via a website system that I designed.

My life's passion is photography and do it as hobby. Born, raised, schooled and educated in Alberton.

Cape Town Gardens

The Reading Man

An old man reading a book took a break, pondered what he read, blinked once and looked far away before he carried on reading. The look is captured.


The Bride
The Courted
The Student


Sam Fourie (1919 - 2012)

Sam Fourie was born in 1919 on a farm near Addo, about 60 miles from Port Elisabeth, next to the Addo Game reserve. He worked for the South African Railways for almost 46 years until his retirement in 1979. Sam and his wife Bettie spent the next 30 odd years in retirement until 2012 when he passed away at the age of 93. He died in an old age home in Knysna last year 2012 October, after complications due to old age mostly.. People referred to him as an artists but he chose the word illustration. Even on the fourth work you can see him express his eye for realism with just a touch of cartoonist coming through. Find the telephone on the wall and see if you can spot the humor.

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Katannuta Diamonds
The Bride
Flambago Bistro
The Student


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