I am a photographer (first and foremost) and a website host and designer. I hope that you will find images across my website that give you joy, inspire you and, if you are in the market, prompt you to call on my services. Enjoy and engage.

I was born and raised in Alberton in Gauteng, and now spend my time primarily in the Overberg and Garden Route regions of the Western Cape. I’ve lived in many small dorps and big cities across the country, and have shot many moments along the way.

I developed a love for the visual image when I, once upon a time, worked for the marketing research company AC Nielsen. As part of the job, I traveled extensively from shop to shop where I encountered not only the subject matter I was meant to be studying but all manner of people and places, fascinating to watch and continually captured with my mind’s eye. Not really knowing what I wanted to do at the time, young as I was, I fell into the computer industry and maintained a career in either supporting or programming various aspects of Windows software and the Internet software realm. I designed, hosted and supported web hosting solutions. It’s an area in which I am still extremely comfortable (and active) today … but my passion, now, is photography.

It was at a family wedding in the small town of Patensy, in the Eastern Cape back in 1974 when I was just eight years old, that my father stuck a camera in my hand. An artist for the South African Railways and with a keen eye himself for beautiful images, he – the appointed photographer on the day – decided he no longer wanted to shoot the scene before him and, pouring himself a whisky, handed the camera to me, settling himself back in a chair to become a guest. I shot the rest of the day and when the photos were finally developed, it was proclaimed by my father to be nee half sleg nie – in other words, not half bad at all. For me, a love was born.

From there onwards, it has always been a desire to do photography professionally, and for the past few years I have been able to realise my dream and develop my potential to the full, as I bring images to life for others.