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Architecture & Real Estate Photography

Property and accommodation related photography demand an eye for detail and the ability to showcase the beauty and character of the space. Bracketing method is used to achieve HDR photos that bring out the finest details, even in challenging lighting conditions. Wide angle shots are taken to provide a comprehensive view of the space, while the tripod is used to ensure sharp, stable images.

The equipment used is of the highest quality, including a Nikon camera, to produce stunning results. Post-processing is done using Skylum’s Luminar and Skylum’s Aurora HDR, ensuring that each photo is fine-tuned to perfection. The result is a set of images that truly represent the essence of the property or accommodation and captivate the viewer’s attention.

In conclusion, a commitment to producing high-quality images is the foundation of this one-man photography business. By using the bracketing method and top-notch equipment, breathtaking results are guaranteed for your property and accommodation related photography needs. Contact for a personalized quote and experience the difference in property photography.


Rates For Photos – (3872 X 2592) Edited
Up to and including 4 bedrooms houses/Flat/Townhouses – R 750.00
5 to 7 bedrooms houses/Flat/Townhouses – R 950.00
8+ bedrooms houses/Flat/Townhouses – POA

Rates For Videos- (4K) (01:30 to 03:00 Max)
Up to and including 4 bedrooms houses/Flat/Townhouses – R 1750.00
5 to 7 bedrooms houses/Flat/Townhouses – R 1950.00
8+ bedrooms houses/Flat/Townhouses – POA

0 – 50kms of Gordon’s Bay is FREE
51+kms of Gordon’s Bay is charged at R2.00 per km


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