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Covid-19 Visitors Form


COVID-19 has changed the way we manage visitors to our premises, with Lockdown regulations requiring businesses to keep records of those who enter their establishments for possible tracking purposes. Many businesses are also required to take visitor’s temperatures.

In most cases, this means businesses need to have a physical paper-and-pen sign-in register at their entrance, requiring visitors to fill in vital information, should the need arise to contact them. And, of course, it also means visitors need to make actual contact with writing implements, possibly enabling the further spread of the virus, with every visitor touching the same pen, often in quick succession.

Imagine if you could do this all quicker, easier and in a completely “no contact” way? The Covid-19 Visitors Form by ZEDWAFORMS enables this in the following way:

  • Using their cell phones to access a blank form, visitors can either simply scan a unique venue-specific barcode (QR Code) at the entrance to your premises, OR alternatively access it by typing into their browsers.
  • The form for your venue then pops up. The barcode issued is unique to each subscriber’s individual premises on the ZEDWAFORMS system.
  • Visitors then type in their details themselves into the form, into whatever categories your venue requires. There is also a place to record body temperature if required.
  • This data is then stored securely on ZEDWAFORMS as soon as visitors press “SUBMIT”, with your venue able to download your own visitors’ log as and when required for safe storing on your own system. Each subscribing venue is given its own unique barcode as its “business identifier” on the ZEDWAFORMS system to link that venue, together with a password, to its private visitor information.

It’s that simple.

The once-off cost for the registration of a business premise is R600. For businesses that have more than one premise and require multiple unique barcodes, the cost thereafter is R150 per additional venue. (Application form here)

To register your business premise right now, click here. For more information on how the system works, scroll down to see the process and a demo.

WHEN VISITORS ARRIVE AT YOUR ENTRANCE: You will put the unique QR/Bar Code you have received for the venue on display at your entrance. Visitors will be instructed to scan this with their phones or type the link into their browsers. You will receive the QR code in a word document with suggested instructions for your visitors, or to add any additional text you may wish to include and display.


Here’s how the form will appear on a mobile device (depending on the categories you select) as soon as the link that will appear has been tapped or the website appears on the browser. The following form is for a shorten registration purpose:

Or your business may require more information. You tailor the categories you need your visitors to complete.

At the end of the period you wish to record visitors (most businesses will probably prefer to save this daily), you simply log into the ZEDWAFORMS system (via, fill in your email and the unique password details you will receive on registration and payment of the service.

You can then access your saved visitors information, which can be downloaded to an Excel file for exporting and saving on your own system. You can also choose to filter entries, or change your form (add or subtract categories), at any time. The form can then be deleted from the ZEDWAFORMS system, if you choose to do so.
So, would you now like to register to receive a unique barcode for your venue? Click here.

TO DEMO THE FORM: Focus your phone’s camera on the QR Code (Bar Code) below to scan it, and then tap the link that appears. (Most smartphones will correctly pick up the link embedded in the QR Code. If not, then a http link provided at the bottom of the individualised premise’s Bar Code should be typed in manually into a browser to get the form to appear.



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