Sam Fourie

Restore Missing “Settings” Icon (gnome-control-center) in Ubuntu 20.10

I have been running Ubuntu 20.04 and upgraded to 20.10 a few days ago. all went  smoothly but  after a reboot I noticed that the “Settings” Icon that launches gnome-control-center is missing from “Show Applications” and from the “Dock Bar” menu as well. When I searched from “Show Applications” for gnome-control-center or just settings, nothing showed up.

I figured I must have removed it by accident and figured a reinstall of the package would resolve the issue. I have searched and found several postings where this worked.

# gsettings set show-mounts true

Notice the three “disk” icons on my Dock bar on the right hand side.

# gsettings set show-mounts false

…and now they are gone.

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